Download Dilecy.

Lade dir jetzt den Protypen Dilecy 0.1.2 herunter.

In our prototype, you still need to connect to your email server to send requests. Dilecy does not receive your email information, information about requests, or the data requests.

If you have any questions in advance, please contact:

Dilecy 0.1.2 für Windows

Dilecy 0.1.2 für MacOS

Dilecy 0.1.2 für Linux .DEB

Dilecy 0.1.2 für Linux .RPM

Become a tester

We are looking for volunteers who would want to partake in a 30min UX test via video-call. During the video-call you would try our newest product version and talk about your experience and expectations with Dilecy. The UX Test would be in english.

Please enter your email here, to volunteer for the UX test. We will respond shortly.